iWay Business Process Automation

Our industry-leading print management software Pageflex iWay™ brings together web-based ordering, pre-press, production and delivery, and automates these processes for print service providers.
With iWay you can streamline your production process and offer new services to your customers.

Create Targeted Web Stores for Your Customers

You can create multiple web stores with customized buying experiences to meet the needs of a variety of customers and users. The look and feel of the site, the products, and the options for ordering can be easily modified depending on your users’ needs. Your customers can order simple reprints, customize a piece online, or upload and submit native files.

Save Time and Money with Production Automation

Pageflex iWay includes a printer-friendly production-oriented backend so that your orders automatically flow through the system and are sent to the appropriate print device with a job ticket. You can manage your web stores, your jobs, and your print queues from an attractive web based interface.

The system allows you to generate instant quotes, PDF proofs, and reports so that you and your customers can track usage. And the built-in imposition engine allows you to gang jobs to maximize efficiency.

With the optional Sales Manager module, you can even integrate orders coming in over the phone or through e-mail with the ordering, estimating, and production process you use in Pageflex iWay.



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