Marketing Portals

An online marketing portal gives your users up-to-date marketing materials the moment they need them. It doesn’t matter whether they are in the corporate or branch office, working from home, or in an airport lounge – their secure web-based portal is available 24/7.
You can meet these needs with Pageflex Storefront, an out-of-the-box application with APIs (Application Programmer Interface), or Pageflex Server, a completely flexible document customization toolkit.

Scalable and Global

Our portal solutions deliver powerful customization capabilities for print and digital documents, are localized to meet global business needs, and are architected to support even the largest enterprises. You have the flexibility to choose among multiple modules, customization options, and licensing models to ensure that you have the ideal system for your company.

Customization for Brand Management

Your marketing portal can be branded specifically for you and your users, and can manage access to align with your company’s requirements and practices. The online workflow is completely flexible, and can be modified for different user groups or geographic locations.

At the heart of a Pageflex marketing portal is our award-winning ability to personalize, customize, and localize print, email, cross-channel campaigns and other content. You create “smart” templates, define what content is static and what can be customized – all within design and brand standards.



Extend and Integrate with APIs

We believe in an open platform, so our solutions are delivered with well-documented APIs. You can integrate with systems such as customer relationship management (CRM), digital asset management (DAM), data acquisition, and other solutions.
Regional businesses and global corporations rely every day on Pageflex marketing portals to help make their employees more efficient and manage their brands.

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Benefits of Pageflex’s Online Marketing Portal

  • Extensive customization combined with the most exacting brand management
  • Localized for international use
  • Marketing asset management for virtually any documents and products
  • API’s for integrations
  • Scalable architecture for the enterprise