Studio ID – Adobe InDesign Plugin for Desktop VDP

Pageflex Studio ID lets you easily produce data-driven personalized documents directly within Adobe® InDesign®.

Get Productive Quickly

As a plug-in to Adobe InDesign (Mac and PC), you work within a familiar and easy-to-use interface. You simply match up your graphic design with a data file to create personalized documents. Pageflex adds a new palette within InDesign so that you can define variables and see a digital preview of the results.

Power users can use the more advanced Pageflex Actions scripting tool to dynamically make complex changes to the document. Only Pageflex Studio ID gives you this much control over how your variable project is produced in InDesign.

Gain Efficiencies with Centralized Projects

InDesign becomes project central for your VDP campaigns. For instance, imagine that for a store grand opening event you need to produce invitation, ticket, and coupon designs. Each of these templates can draw data from the same customer list and use the same customizable images and text to maintain branding consistency across the different pieces.

You simply create one set of variables, business rules and content, and then apply them to any design template in the project. Centralized projects are unique to Pageflex variable data applications, and save you time and repetitious work.

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