Server Based Variable Data

Pageflex Server offers a robust server based variable data (VDP) composition engine that can be plugged into any online or offline workflow. Your possibilities are almost limitless.

It can be used as a backend composition engine for an existing web-to-print site, or it can be used offline for dynamic publishing of data-driven personalized print and e-mail. Many customers use the powerful and well-documented APIs to incorporate the document customization capabilities of Server into other solutions and workflows, such as a CRM, digital asset management, or marketing automation systems – resulting in a tightly integrated comprehensive solution for multiple communication and branding needs.

Modular Capabilities to Meet Your Needs

We provide several modules for document customization to meet numerous market and user needs. You can allow users to create or customize content in a web form, or you can merge data offline or online to create personalized print or e-mail. Users can modify a document online through an interactive interface, and you can incorporate other solutions for content creation and visualization.ServerWorkflow2014

Grow with Enterprise Scalability

As an enterprise solution, Pageflex Server can be scaled to handle high volumes of jobs and users. We support queue-based load balancing as well as fail-over protection. Your servers can be clustered and can be distributed geographically with centralized licensing and administration.

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