Cross-Channel Marketing

These days marketers achieve success by delivering the right message, to the right person, through the right channel – be it print, email, landing page, social media, or SMS. And then tracking and responding appropriately in real time to recipients’ responses to maintain a conversation and measure results.

We offer a selection of cross-channel marketing solutions so that you are sure to have the right tools to achieve your marketing and sales goals. You can produce lead nurturing drip campaigns, loyalty program communications, support distributed marketing communication, and automated trigger-driven follow-ups to effectively reach out to your customers.

The Power of Distributed Marketing

cross channel marketing

With Pageflex Campaign Manager, you can create data-driven campaigns that leverage e-mail and personalized urls (pURLs) in conjunction with integrated print. You can even offer a campaign within Pageflex Storefront for your customers to select, customize, and order.

Features & Benefits

  • Range of solutions – from entry-level to enterprise
  • Data driven communications maximizing personalization
  • Optional web portal integration for distributed marketing

Forget the Cookie Cutter Approach

Personalization and customization are at the core of all of our software. Pageflex has been helping companies worldwide communicate one-on-one with their customers and prospects for close to 20 years. Our cross-channel solutions support anything from a simple campaign targeting a small list of recipients, to powerful trigger based automation with lists in the hundreds of thousands.

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