System Integrators

Our solutions are built on a robust composition engine that was developed to create complex variable documents with little or no manual intervention. This core technology can be deployed in many different ways. It can be driven by a database to produce personalized print and digital output. It can be embedded into a comprehensive workflow system, or can be integrated as a vital component of a web-enabled marketing engine. In all cases, system integrators find that Pageflex technology gives them a flexible and reliable foundation to build upon.

Reliable and Scalable

Many customers consider our SDKs and APIs to be the most powerful tools in the industry. The flexibility we offer is matched with the ability to scale your Pageflex-based application to meet the multiple needs and distribution requirements of even the largest enterprise. Because capabilities and licensing is modular, adding components as business needs change is straightforward and affordable.

Features and Benefits

  • Robust and well-documented APIs
  • Modular and scalable licensing
  • Powerful customization for print and digital output

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