Marketing Services & Agencies

With Pageflex solutions, agencies and marketing service providers can deliver highly customized content to their recipients – whoever they are, and wherever they are.

Increase Effectiveness with Personalization

Marketers today face increasing pressure to maximize ever-shrinking budgets while gaining the attention of an increasingly discerning audience and delivering measurable ROI. As consumers, we are bombarded with messages in a variety of media and formats, and ignore communications that are not relevant and timely.

Our products are built on a variable data composition engine, and allow a virtually unprecedented degree of personalization for print and digital formats, driven by a database or by online user selections. And because we rely on designer-friendly templates, customization is combined with as much control as you need, supporting even the most demanding brand requirements.

The Power of Cross-Channel Marketing

There is no question about the effectiveness of using digital channels such as e-mail, personalized websites (pURLs), social media, and SMS to increase response rates. Our automated cross-channel marketing solutions can be implemented on their own, or as components of branded web portals, making them ideal for geographically distributed organizations. And of course we provide configurable real-time analytics so that you can measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Features and Benefits

  • Customizable print and digital communications
  • Flexible tools for online and offline document customization
  • Automated cross-channel marketing with optional web portal integration
  • Manage branding and take advantage of power of personalization

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