Franchises have unique challenges when considering how to maintain corporate brand standards while giving their franchisees the tools and materials they need to market effectively to different local audiences.
With Pageflex, you can take advantage of our online template-based system so that each location benefits from the power of personalization while adhering to brand and design requirements.

Intelligent Customization for a Range of Content

You control and manage access to your web portal so that each user only sees material that is available to them. With templates, content such as text, images, logos, and colors can be selectively locked down to ensure brand and regulatory compliance. Other components, such as images, text, and language can be modified to appeal to a local audience.

Virtually any type of document or product can be offered on your web portal, including signs, POP displays, menus, ads, promotional videos, e-mails, brochures, and more.

Ensure Ease of Use

The process of selecting, customizing and ordering material can be as simple and fast as your users require. The options for production are completely flexible, allowing you to support central or localized production – even on a product by product basis.

Extend Capabilities through Integrations

If you already have other systems, such as a digital asset management system, an existing e-commerce platform, or a purchasing system, Pageflex products including robust and well-documented APIs so that you can integrate with other products.

Features and Benefits

  • Flexible workflows to meet specific user needs
  • Template based document customization to maintain brand requirements
  • Most extensive selection of product types
  • API based integrations for complete workflows

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