The most important asset for an enterprise is its brand. Pageflex solutions can help you manage your brand and provide a range of services to both internal and external audiences. These services can encompass document customization, cross-channel marketing, data-driven customization, and more – all within a flexible, scalable and secure environment.

Distributed Marketing

With our products, you can support design and delivery of digital and print documents within any sort of organization – reducing internal bottlenecks, and freeing up valuable corporate resources. Flexible web portals control user access and privileges, allowing users to view, customize and order material ranging from a coffee mug to a brochure to an e-mail campaign.

The ability to edit a document is controlled so that content such as logos, font style and colors is completely locked down, while other components can be modified by the user. The result is a message that is relevant to a particular client or demographic group, but that is in absolute compliance with branding standards and legal requirements.

APIs for End-to-End Integrations

Because our products are delivered with a robust and well-documented set of APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces), most of our enterprise customers extend core functionality and link their Pageflex products with other systems, resulting in a comprehensive and tightly integrated end-to-end solution.

For example, you can implement secure sign-in to manage web portal access, integrate with a digital asset system, automatically access a CRM or ERP workflow, and offer the payment and options, including taxation, that are appropriate for each user – whatever their role or location.

Features and Benefits

  • Protect your brand and take advantage of the power of personalization
  • Flexible web portals for distributed marketing
  • Secure and scalable for any enterprise
  • API’s for seamless integrations

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