Pinhas Romik, President & Chief Executive Officer

Pinhas Romik has been President and Chief Executive Officer of Pageflex since its separation from Bitstream Inc. in March 2012, and had previously been General Manager of Pageflex, a position he had held since March 2011. He has extensive experience in marketing electronic products and services in the U.S., Europe and the Far East.

Prior to entering the graphic arts industry, Mr. Romik amassed 42 years of experience in the manufacturing, logistics & TQM methods for the electronic industry; electronic technologies; microelectronics; electro-optics; Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence (C4I) systems; Ballistic Missiles Defense; military communications systems; and consumer radio technologies.

From 1974 to 1992 Mr. Romik worked at various engineering and management positions for Tadiran Electronics Industries, then the largest Israeli electronic company. At his last position at Tadiran, Mr. Romik was General Manager of its Communications Systems Division, designing, manufacturing and selling military and civilian communications and computer equipment. In 1992, Mr. Romik founded RDC Communications, which became a worldwide leader in wireless data communications, and was sold to Marconi Communications in the U.K. in 1999. Between 2000 and 2008 Mr. Romik founded and managed 2 startups focused on Internet gaming, one of which was sold in 2004 to US Boston-based Worldwinner company.

He is active in the Polish market as a Vice-President of the Israel-Poland Chamber of Commerce, as a member of two important Polish economic forums, and managing several Polish green energy projects in agriculture, solar energy, and bio-energy.

A world-known bridge player, Mr. Romik has played bridge since the age of nine, and over the years has won many prestigious bridge tournaments, including the North America Bridge Championship and European Bridge Championship.

Mr. Romik has a B.Sc. degree in Physics from Tel Aviv University.

Costas Kitsos, Vice President of Engineering

Costas Kitsos has led Pageflex’s Research & Development team since its inception in 1997 and currently serves as Vice President of Engineering.
Mr. Kitsos is a veteran software developer with over twenty years’ experience in type, publishing, and web application development.

Before joining Pageflex, Mr. Kitsos independently developed award-winning type applications for Ares Software Corp. until it was acquired by Adobe Systems Inc. in 1996. In addition, he provided consulting services on application development and graphical user interfaces.

Mr. Kitsos holds a Master’s degree from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Jim Dore, Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

James Dore has served as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Pageflex and Marlborough Software Development Holdings Inc. since its separation from Bitstream Inc. and had been Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Bitstream Inc. since March 2003. From June 1999 to March 2003, he served as Bitstream’s Corporate Controller.

Mr. Dore has over 20 years of service in various senior financial positions.

Prior to joining Bitstream and Marlborough Software Development Inc., Mr. Dore served as Corporate Controller at Celerity Solutions Inc. a developer and marketer of supply chain and warehouse management business software from January 1997 to June 1999. He also served as Celerity’s Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer from April 1999 to June 1999.

Mr. Dore is a C.P.A. and holds a B.S. degree, with distinction, from Clarkson University.

Patricia Bourassa, Vice President of Sales & Marketing

Patricia oversees sales and marketing. Experienced in the technology field as well as printing and print production facilities, Patricia brings with her over 10 years of experience in providing leadership in business innovation, operational efficiencies, and software project management.

Growing out of the print industry, Patricia was one of the first EarthIntegrate employees and was vital to launching it as a major player within the marketing technology landscape.

Greg Burrill, Vice President of Customer Services

Greg Burrill leads Pageflex’s customer facing departments including Support, Professional Services and Pando Operations as Vice President of Customer Services. Mr. Burrill has been with Pageflex for over ten years managing various aspects of support, services and strategic accounts. Before joining Pageflex, Mr. Burrill worked on compositional solutions in the newspaper industry.