Pageflex develops award-winning software for marketing automation, document customization and flexible web-to-print portals.

Our strategy is to offer robust APIs (Application Programmer Interfaces) in conjunction with turn-key products, resulting in a feature-rich scalable set of modules that can be modified, integrated and extended for virtually any industry or market.

icon-aboutUsThe core of our product line is a variable data composition engine, originally developed almost 20 years ago. This innovative solution was not only revolutionary in automating page composition, but was built on a unique concept – that elements on a page should be able to automatically grow, shrink and even move depending on other content. This patented capability, which we named “flex”, allows Pageflex products to support an almost unlimited degree of customization with no risk to design, legibility, or brand requirements.

From this core technology, and additional technology that has been added over the years, we have developed solutions for automated cross-channel marketing, web-to-print portals, business flow automation, and data-driven personalization. Our products are sold world-wide through a direct sales team, authorized resellers, and OEM partners, and are used every day by thousands of people throughout the globe.

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